Omnia Display

The Omnia line is a total new concept with its aesthetic and design features.

The concept of this line of buffets is a stainless steel modular structure with easy-to-remove paneling for faster and easier cleaning operations. Large choice of paneling and decors with different materials, like laminated wood, stainless steel and powder coated steel, each with many different colours. It has height adjustable feet (castors as an optional) and skirting board. Moreover, all the units can be literally custom-built and equipped to satisfy every taste and needs thanks to a wide range of options.


Vitrine d’exposition à 4 niveaux avec volets frontaux et portes arrière pour le réapprovisionnement. Réfrigération ventilée avec évaporateurs à dégivrage automatique, groupe compresseur fonctionnant au gaz R452a.